Quick Sculpt

Just a quick sculpt. 


Have been wanting to do a realistic car for a while now, modeled it a little while ago, still needs to be cleaned up a little and add some proper lights to it. I also tried vray for the first time in this render.

NASA Update

Update with all the clutter. 

NASA Update

Quick update on My NASA scene. Still gotta create a little more randomness among the computer units, but I'm making progress. Still have some little details I want to do on the room, and all the junk on the desks and what not. 

Tribute to NASA Challenge WIP

Currently working on a CG Society challenge, the topic is; Tribute to NASA. Here's some stills:


Current WIP:

Batman Progress v.01

I finally got around to getting some things done with my Batman Model. Still a work in progress, but I hope to be done with him sooner than later, since I've lagged on this for way too long. The model is based on the amazing Alex Ross Illustrations from the book Mythology.